07 JUN 03


                                                                                                                                    16 Jun 03


1.         The President called the meeting to order at 1600 hrs. Twenty-one members were in attendance.


2.        The following RCOC members have passed away: 


Richard Rudd               03 Mar 02, age 84, Ganges, BC

Glen Canning                25 May 02, age 71, Calgary, AB

Dick Edmunston           01 Jun 02, age 78, Wawanost, ON

Bill Rayfield                  20 Jun 02,           , Calgary, ON

Fred MacKay              21 Jul 02,            , Victoria, BC

Jim Kinnear                  15 Sep 02, age 75, Ottawa, ON

Stu O’Farrell                03 Dec 02, late 50’s, Richmond Hill, ON

Doug Sleeth                  05 Dec 02, age 83, Peterborough, ON

Harvey Theriault           19 Dec 02, age 80, Ottawa, ON

Francis Blaine               03 Jan 03,             , Oliver, BC

Robert Buckberry         01 Feb 03,            , Vancouver, BC

Ralph Witen                 16 Feb 03,            , Edmonton, AB

Bob Tucker                  02 Mar 03, age 73, Calgary, AB

Ernest Buckman           05 Apr 03, age 71, Brandon, MN

Sidney A. Mowatt-Chalu  24 Apr 03, age 79, Victoria, BC


The list was read out, and one minute of silence was observed for our fallen comrades.


3.            The President presented the agenda and called for additions and approval. Vic Tweedy requested to add consideration of donations to the Canadian War Museum and the RCOC Museum.  Moved by Gord Gedge and seconded by Fred Maiden to accept the agenda as amended.                                                                                                                           Carried


4.         The minutes of the 2002 AGM, held 14 May 02, were presented. It was noted that the date of the meeting on the printed minutes was incorrect, and it was changed to reflect 14 May 02. Moved by Russ Watson and seconded by Frank Wagner that the minutes be adopted as amended.                                                                                                                      Carried


5.           The 2002 Audit Report (copy attached), conducted by Don Matula and Vic Tweedy on 06 Jun 03, was presented.  Moved by Fred Maiden and seconded by Mac Green that the audit report be accepted.                                                                                                Carried


6.           The Financial Report for the period 01 Jan 02 – 31 Dec 02 (copy attached) was presented. An unaudited statement covering the period 01 Jan 03 – 02 Jun 03 (copy attached) was presented for info.  Moved by Vic Tweedy and seconded by Frank Marion that the Financial Reports be accepted.                                                                           Carried


7.           The Sec/Treasurer read the Membership Report (copy attached), as of 31 Dec 02.  This report was covered by the audit.  Moved by Dick Elder and seconded by Mike Sartor to accept the report.                                                                                                           Carried




8.         100th Anniversary Plaque.  The President displayed the plaque and passed it to Gord Gedge, to present it to the Vanalman Museum on behalf of the association, hopefully to be arranged to happen on 01 Jul 03. Gord will look in to arrangements, and advise members in the Victoria area of the details. He will arrange for a photo of the presentation, and to pass it to Bill hicks for inclusion on our website.


9.         On a similar vein, Terry McGinty described a small RCOC coffee spoon received from a lady in Halifax. After a short discussion, it was agreed that it should be presented to the RCOC Museum. They should also be given her letter, so that they can send her a letter of thanks. James MacKendrick donated a 1950’s era embroidered blazer crest. It was also agreed to pass it on to the RCOC Museum.


10.       RCOC Crest on Army Warehouse in Navy Dockyard. The President reported that he had contacted Doug Braun, and that nothing will happen for at least another two years. Gord Gedge agreed to pass on a photo of the crest to Bill Hicks for posting on the website.


11.         Nov 2003 Wreath & Luncheon for Mrs. Jeffery. Terry McGinty will organize a wreath and luncheon for Mrs. Jeffery (sister of Pte Caffery) for service at cemetery at old St Mary’s in Metchosin. It will probably take place on Sunday, Nov 9th, 2003, as part of our Centennial events. He will advise all members in the Victoria area of details. The association will fund the cost of a Legion type wreath and Mrs. Jeffery’s lunch.




12.       Location for 2004 Reunion.  After some discussion, it was agreed that turnouts at reunions in Chilliwack are always higher than on the island. It was moved by Vic Tweedy and seconded by Mac Pike to hold the 2004 reunion in Chilliwack. The executive will come up with the location and dates, which will be advised in the Christmas Newsletter.


13.       Business from the Floor.  The President noted that one corps tie and a limited number of corps licence plates were still available for sale. Centennial memorabilia from Ottawa and Calgary is also available for sale – blazer crests, lapel pins, key chains, pens, etc.


14.       Vic Tweedy noted a letter that had been received from the Friends of the Canadian War Museum soliciting a donation. The secretary read the letter. Vic moved that the association make a donation of $100.00 to the Canadian War Museum as well as a donation to the RCOC Museum of $100.00. The motion was seconded by Paddy Ryan. The President noted that he had contacted the other RCOC Associations and discovered that none had plans to make a donation. After considerable discussion, the motion was put to a vote, for 14, against 7. The motion was carried. The executive will arrange to make the donations.


15.       Gord Gedge commented on the merits of FSNA Travel Insurance as compared to the Public Service plan, which has an upper limit for travel of $100,000.00. He pointed out that in either case, to avoid jeopardizing any claim, members must contact the emergency trouble phone number to register their situation.


16.       The President noted that old paper files were consuming a large amount of space and suggested that we need authority to dispose of old files. It was moved by Ken McDuff and seconded by Fred Maiden that files be kept for three years only.                             Carried


17.       The President noted that Ferd Slater had called him on 25 May to express his regrets at not being able to attend this year’s reunion, and asked to be remembered to those present.


18.       Remarks from Visitors from other RCOC Associations. The President noted that the Cobourg reunion would take place on 14 Jun 03, and that the Calgary reunion is scheduled for                       .    Vic Tweedy noted that the (final) Halifax Reunion will take place at the end of June. He is attending and will bring greetings on behalf of our association.


19.       Election of 2003/04 Executive.  The President asked Gord Gedge to conduct the elections. He called for nominations for president. George Cooper agreed to stay on for one more year as President. Don Matula nominated Paddy Ryan, seconded by Russ Watson, for Vice-President. Vic Tweedy nominated Mac Green, seconded by Fred Maiden, for Secretary/Treasurer.  All appointments were carried by the membership.  Ken McDuff moved a vote of thanks for the President and the outgoing members of the executive, Bill Hicks and Terry McGinty.


20.       Appointment of Auditors.  John Frail and Harvey Stewart were appointed auditors to review financial and membership reports for 2003.                                                              


21.       Continuation of correspondence to non paid up members.  It was moved by Gord Gedge that we continue the practice for one more year.  Seconded by Vic Tweedy.    Carried


22.       Sympathy Cards –  Death of Spouses.  It was agreed by all to continue the practice. Members should advise the executive when they become aware of the death of a member or spouse.


23.       Consideration of Spouses of Deceased Members for Membership. The president introduced the subject. After discussion, it was moved by Gord Gedge, seconded by Darnell Day, that when interested, spouses be offered associate membership.                 Carried


24.       Remarks –  Past President.  Gord reminded everyone of the forms he made available last year, and cautioned everyone to ensure they take the time to complete them. Based on a recent experience, he also encouraged that all significant property (including vehicles) be jointly owned.


25.       Remarks - V/President.  The President noted that Bill Hicks had to work this weekend, and sent along his regrets.


26.       Remarks – Sec/Treas.  Terry McGinty thanked everyone for their support and wished Mac Green all the best.


27.       Remarks – President.  George Cooper expressed his thanks to everyone for coming out.


28.       Remarks from the floor.  Don Matula noted the continuing support to the reunions from Major Evans, this year in the form of travel coffee mugs with the RCOC crest. All present eagerly seconded his vote of thanks to Major. The president will send a letter expressing our appreciation.


29.       Russ Watson introduced our newest member, Dennis McMahon.


30.       Adjourment.  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1730 hrs.





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Terry McGinty                                                              George Cooper

Secretary                                                                                  President