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Received by e-mail from Martin Rogers


wondering if anyone had old photos of the base Bouchard (Ste-Therese-de-Blainville) 1946-1972


Martin Rodgers

Responsable en loisir (culture)

Service des loisirs, culture, bibliothèque et vie communautaire, Ville de Blainville

Téléphone: (450) 434-5206 poste 5109      Télécopieur: (450) 434-5296

Courriel: martin.rodgers@ville.blainville.qc.ca

Site Web: www.ville.blainville.qc.ca






Received the following from Catherine Stevens


I found your website for the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps and thought you may be able to assist me.

In November I attended “Korea, A Soldier’s Story” a new exhibit to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the

Korean War at the Nepean Museum in Ottawa. I met a few veterans who suggested I contact the Korean Veteran’s

Association so I could share my Dad’s pics with other vets and their families. My father died in 1988 and did not talk

about the war.


The pictures have been scanned but not yet linked.  The only person identifiable in the pics is my Dad.

My father was Charles Joseph Stevens (people called him Charlie and some people called him Stevie)

I requested a genealogy package from Archives in order to have some background info on locations, job

unit etc in Korea. Unfortunately I received a call from archives this past week and his file is MISSING

(archives is blaming DND and DND is blaming Archives LOL)


From his pictures I believe he was there  in 52/53. He had two grave markers photographed, one

of William Andrew Copage and one of John Joseph Bishop both privates  killed in January 53. He also had a bible belonging

to James K Grimes with an inscription in the inside July 17 1952 Love Janet, Barbara, Eunice, and Jaqueline. So I am

assuming he knew these people.


Dad is buried in  Beechwood cemetery and his grave marker states that he was in the Royal Canadian Regiment but

my birth certificate 1956 states he was a private in the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps so probably he belonged

to your regiment in Korea.


It is my hope that you may know of people who served with my father.


I am attaching the link to his photographs. Any help in identifying the other people or places or any info anyone would

be able to share would be greatly appreciated.


Korean War by Charles Stevens


Thanking You


Catherine Stevens





Have you seen the Sword of Honour?


I recently received an e-mail from WO Tim Adams at the Logistics School in Camp Borden. They will presently be holding Ammunition Officer Courses there and would like to be able to present a Sword of Honour each year to the candidate(s) that achives the highest level of competency. This is a time honoured tradition of the Royal Canadian Ordnanace Corps, for Officers who were trained at the School in Montreal.

Before intergration the Sword of Honour hung on the wall between the Adjutant's office and Commandant's Office at Longue Pointe in Montreal. After intergration and the move to Borden, it seemd to dissapear. 

If you know where this Sword ended up or you have any information about it, (a picture) please contact W.O. Tim Adams: tngadams@rogers.com I know he would be happy to receive anything you have on the subject.




Received this e-mail today and ask if you may know of anyone that can help this person out, I'm sure it would be appreciated.

From Tone Douglas:


I am looking for info & pictures of my father Roche Samuel Lauria. He served in WW11.His appointment was No 2 District Depot CA (A) (R.C.O.C.) in 1942. He spent time on Camp Borden, Brockville. Barriefield, Kingston, Own Sound and then overseas in the UK & NW Europe. He returned home in 1945. I have received his war record from the Library & Archives Canada, but no pictures. If any one has any info I would greatly appreciate It.


Thank You


Tone Douglas(nee Lauria) 




Received from KENNETH GAYDAMACK via e-mail


I'm looking for anyone from #20 platoon and / or #11 storeman crse Longue Pointe1949/50. Please contact Ken Gaydamack at kengy708@3web.net




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Received from Tim Page the following request, if you served with his Grandfather drop him a note.

Hi, my name is Tim Page. I was checking out your Royal Canadian Ordinance Corps website. My Grand Father was in the Royal Canadian Ordinance Corps. His Name was S.Sgt. Tom Wall. He retired in 1966. I was wondering if you knew him. He spent most of his career at Long Point, Montreal east. He Also served in Germany, Vietnam and Laois. Thanks for your time.




Received this from John McKaig, anyone recognize the Ordnance Corps fella in the middle, not a very good face shot.









              Found Him, It's Gerry Stephens.....













Received from Roger Jenkins by e-mail


Good Afternoon:


      While on vacation in NB I met John Doucet,  He went through Montréal in 1960 (Clk Acct), 1962 (Storeman), and again in 1963 (Clk Acct).  He now lives in Nova Scotia and summers in New Brunswick.  If anyone remembers him and would like to contact him, I have his daughters' email address .





Received by e-mail from Gary Patterson


Looking for RCOC members who served in Shilo from Nov 64 - May 65, Montreal from May 65 - June 65 and in Gagetown from July 65 - Nov 67.

Thank You

Gary Patterson



Received this in e-mail from Mike Roache hopefully someone can help him out.


Bill .wondering if anyone had old photos of the base in Rafah Camp 1958 -1959.

                                                   mike roache





Received by e-mail from Bob D'Aoust


Trying to find anyone who may have know Private JOSEPH JEAN ROYAL DAOUST D/166630, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps in 1942 – 1944

 JOSEPH JEAN ROYAL DAOUST died on April 8, 1944







Received The following e-mail from Al Truelove 22-June-2009


Good evening Gentlemen;


 I'm going out on a wide net here to try and locate Colin. The CAR (Airborne Group) is holding a memorial service/reception  at the Canadian War Museum on 18 Jul to commemorate peacekeeping operations and focussing on the 1974 crisis in Cyprus.

Colin was the QM/Supply Offr with the Airborne Group during the crisis. I am trying to try to find him for the occasion.

Colin and I were supping on the rooftop restaurant facing Kyrenia Harbour the Sat night before the invasion the week after.  Boy how time flies. I last saw Colin in NDHQ/DMAS in 86/87.

Members of the Regiment would like him to be at the CWM for the occasion.

He has dropped off the map; hence this email.

Jim; Could you pass on the airborne net pls. Colin for some reason is not listed on the website.

Bill; Could you post on lost and found on the Corps website pls.

Gord; Could you pass on the RCOC net pls.

Andre; Could you pass to Hal for NCR and our OCP list pls.

BTW; there is a C Stout at 24 Hackett In Ottawa: it's not him.


 Sorry for the short fuze but we hope to see Colin on the 18th. Somebody must know where he is?


 Your help is greatly appreciated.










E-mail received from Michael Roache 21/04/2009


 I served in the RCOC from 1956 to 1960 and met a lot of interesting  people. It was while looking at this web site I discovered that a few old friends have passed on and it made me think of some of my old "army buddies' from Gaza and wondering if they are still around. Peter Weir from Toronto, 'Dad" Derry from Buffalo,New York, Jack Gilbert form Ontario Anyone know?


                                                  Michael Roache

                                                  Halifax, Nova Scotia






Received by e-mail from Jim Cooper (Jim is looking for his Grand Father who was RCOC, some editing done)

Looking for my Grandad.

Details for John William Shanks known as Bill.

Born year 1917 day and month not known

Birth place not known places connected is Toronto, Ottawa in Ontario.

Worked as a crane driver for a steel works and was a Mounty may not be true he was a bit of a lad, definitely left gambling debts, that he was forgiven for.

Stationed 1941 as a private Royal Canadian Ordinance Corps at Aldershot England and Carlton drill hall Carlton Nottinghm, called Sherwood Foresters.

Married Mabel Rose Adams 1941 6th September at Gedling parish church Gedling Nottingham

Daugher born 1 year 1 day after 7. 9. 42.  They lived with Mabel's family at Pembroke house main street Gedling Nottingham. The beautiful house now demolished now a bunch of shops and super market.

Mabel Rose Shanks now deceased 12 June 1998, she never married again,

Only daughter Roberta Margaret Shanks called Bobby

Born 07 09 1942 later married Micheal John Cooper, had 4 children and now 4 grandchildren.

Salvation army twice had a go at finding Bill Shanks and failed but did not say he was deceased.  Friends say he did not want to be traced that was very hurt ful even when it was fully understandable.


Canadian Army said since the war there has been no need to have been in touch with Bill Shanks, so he has not been in touch with them. A very cold hearted reply.


Divorce decree nisi of Mabel Rose Shanks petioner John William Shanks respondant on the 22nd Dec 1952. Respondant deserted the solitioner without cause for a period of at least 3 years immediately preceding the presentation of the petition.  Decree made absolute 4th feb 1953 made final so marriage desolved.



Jim Cooper

14 Carnarvon drive Burton Joyce

Nottingham Ng14 5ER   





Received this e-mail from Bill Sandford


I am looking for anyone who served in the RCOC following the war who might remember my late father Cpl. Charles Weaver Sandford. We spent 7 year in Camp Borden until we were transferred to Camp Hagersville in 1960. We were transferred again when Hagersville was closed, ending up in Cobourg Depot until his retirement in 1965. 

The family moved back to Toronto, and my father died in November 1977. He is interred in a veteran's plot in Brampton Ont.

I found the RCOC site while searching out interesting information on other Canadian army units. I have found some interesting group photos of various regiments while going through flea markets and antique stores in Ontario.

A recent find, a training group photo showed Headquarters Company of the RCASC. I intend to donate the photo to the newly opened Base Borden Museum.




Received the following e-mails from Dave Mackesy


My name is Dave Mackesy (CProC and CF Military Police - 1963 to 1991).

My father John Mackesy, former 1 Fd Sqn, RCE was a great friend of Frank Brown and his wife June during his military service.  I also knew Frank very well.

I believe he retired as a CWO, possibly in Ottawa and some time later relocated and bought a home in Florida.  My parents kept in contact until recent years however my mother is unable to locate an address or email for Frank.

My mother would like to contact Frank and his wife to relate death of my father.

Any help in contacting Frank would be greatly appreciated.


Looking for contact info on Frank Cedric BROWN and his wife June.  Would

like to relay info on the death of my father, John Mackesy, retired 1 Fd

Sqn, RCE.  Frank served as a storeman with 1Fd (1955-1957)Werl, West

Germany and later in Petawawa.  I believe Frank retired while serving in

Ottawa and relocated to Florida






An e-mail received from Doug Townend via Gord Gedge



Att are three pics of a model of the jeep I drove for two years in 4 OFP. A few things missing like pintle hook, gas filler tube, two lifting hooks by front bumper, but all in all a nice job done for me by a skilled modeller. 

Thought some might like to see the pics. 

Could you advertise to all that I am searching for pics of 4 OFP 
1961-64 to fill my memory book. 





















an e-mail received from Mr. Bart Hazes


Dear Madam, Sir,

My family from the Netherlands has sent me a metal name badge found

during the second world war in Amsterdam. On top it carries the name

"Reid J.T. with at the bottom the number "B 2877". My family believes

the name badge was from a Canadian soldier and with the internet I have

found that the emblem in between name and number is from the Royal

Canadian Ordnance Corps. (ORDNANCE and CORPS can still be faintly read

as well as the text "HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE"). I am trying to trace

Mr. Reid or his family but have so far been unsuccessful. I was hoping

that your association has a record of its members so the badge can be

returned to those to whom it is most valuable.

I appreciate any help you can give.


Sincerely, Bart Hazes



11808 - 75 Ave NW

Edmonton, AB

T6G 0J5 Canada





Ken Oelrich 


I am looking for a picture of the bomber jacket that we wore as apprentices 

with the RCOC on the back the crest on the front left and the Green Monster crest



portions of an e-mail from Stephen Lock



My father, WO Victor Gordon Lock, was with the RCOC for most of his military career. He retired in

1978/9 and, unfortunately, died of a massive cardiac infarction in the summer of 1980


I believe my father was based out of Fort Chambly and would be interested if any of your site members

remember him (and any photos of his time there would be nice!!). I, of course, have photographs of he, my

mom and I during our time there, but his "work life" was something I was not that privy to (or, being a

teen, that interested in at the time). I have no idea "who" my dad was while on base....

I enjoyed the photos of what the camps look like now. It is sad they have been allowed to fall into such


The PMQs in Soest, at least (and perhaps Hemer and Werl) have been converted to civilian use. I believe

the ones in Soest are a mix of rental and what we would call condo. On one site I found, for Soest

real estate, I saw what appeared to be one of the old PMQs; the asking price was 85,000 Euros. Considering

the asking price for a half-timbered conversion in the inner city went for anywhere from 90,000 to

200,000Euros, it would seem our old PMQs are a helluva deal!!


Stephen Lock

Calgary, AB



Received by e-mail from Randolph Rice


Hi my name is Randolph Rice, my dad Bruce Rice served in the RCOC from 1949-1952, he did his training at Long Point in Montreal and then was posted to Jericho Beach, Vancouver. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who new of him or served with him. He attended the clerk course in Borden and mentioned to me at one time he had taken the ammunition examimers course.



Warrant Officer




These were received by e-mail from David McDowell


David remembered the place and time but was a bit fuzzy on the names. Germany 1963

Perhaps you are one of these persons or know who they are?

Let us know and we'll try and put them in the photo album.




Bill Hicks














Submitted by James Steed


Subject: WW2 I\Ordnance Corp Vet


The following person served with the Ordnance Corp & would like to be contacted by former members he served with.


Orlin Mc Gill                Spouse:  Barara

6079 Natalie Crt

La Salle, On N9H 2P5




Served in London, On @ Elizabeth St. Ordnance (1942 Until Xmas)

Then in Amherst, Nova Scotia




Bill Hubbard

Does anyone have any pictures from 15 ROD Lakeview that they could scan and

e-mail to me??

Many thanks,

Bill Hubbard

25 Plt-ATC-61



John McKaig (rec'd by email)


My name is John McKaig (retired RCOC) and I was wondering if anyone knows where John Van Will is.






From: Pip [mailto:philip@pawley.com]
Sent: June 28, 2005 4:38 PM
To: rcoc-pacific@shaw.ca
Subject: Major W G Denney

Hi, I am hoping that somebody from the RCOC could help me trace a relative.

My mother-in-law has in her possession a Christmas card from Major W G 
Denney, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps - I've attached a copy. Her Aunt 
Ethel (nee Spencer) married a William Henry Denney (b. 1876 & m. 1901) 
and I believe that Major W G Denney is her son. I am trying to trace 
some of my m-i-l's family, and the Denney's feature quite extensively in 
this, but I haven't been able to trace any living Denney's.

Any help would be very much appreciated.





Shirley & John Clayton 

Sent: June 10, 2005 9:19 PM
Subject: looking for Jim Lyster

Jim and I both left Victoria in the fall of '59. he to RCOC and me to RCE Apprentices. 
lost contact 3 decades ago. Any info greatly appreciated. thanks in advance. 
John Clayton /8th



Don Wilson


Subject: Looking for Bill Craig and John Greenwood

First met Bill and John in the TEXAS TAVERN In St Laurent 56-57.Later I
joined RCEME and met up with them again in 58 in Kingston. John was in Germany
and the last I saw of Bill was in Montreal in 70. The 3 of us were RCEME
later transferred to RCOC. 


Don Wilson


Guy Gaudreault


Subject: Trade Badge GP 2 Ammo Tech.


Hello Bill,


Could you through the RCOC Association Website, find if

anybody happen to have such a Badge of the 60s (that is

before the unification)?  A flaming grenade with laurels underneath.


I hope you don’t find me a pain in the neck.






Rick Lundin 

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Remi Jones or Hugh Mckenzie from 1960-62 RCOC Apprentices.


Contact Rick Lundin at rickrose@otvcablelan.net or call (250)495-5294


Ross MacPhail

Hi anyone out there know the whereabouts of Clyde MacDonald from Halifax?

Clyde was RCOC, lost track of him in late fifty's he was stationed at London Ont., that was the last I knew of him.


Thanks Red



Steve Barrow

I am doing some genealogical research. My grandfather Bruce David Hodge

(went by the name David) served in the RCOC. I have a newspaper article

dated Jan 1944 which places him in Italy at that time.

I believe he was a career solider and stayed in the military after the war

I can place him in PEI in 1968. He has since passed away.

Would you have any further information about his service with the RCOC?

Any information would be greatly appreciated

Thank you


Jim Moffatt

What ever happened to Harold Grainger, Retired at Moose Jaw as Lt. in late 60's or early 70's?


Russ Watson

I am looking for B.J. (Barry) Patterson from 7 Platoon RCOC Apprentices


Jim Steed

Looking for Phil Lacroix. Was posted at 27 Cod London, Ont and Egypt 1960-1961


I have two more I'm have trouble with;

1. Groulx ( Gerry or Jerry) he was an ammo tech .Last heard of CFB Borden

2. Renaud( Larry ?) Not since UN tour in ME 1960.Him and Groulx married sisters there.

Need some help..Jim




George Cooper

Anyone know the whereabouts of a former comrade of mine by the name of STAN TEBB, RCOC, at 25 COD in 1953, went over to the far east with him in 1953 and I believe he came back to 25 COD in 1954.  He was from Sask where he had owned a farm. Thanks.


Les Jarvis

looking for Jack Black who was a boy soldier 1960  20plt  ??
posted to 15 rod after Montreal
anybody with any info  contact Les Jarvis  at lesjar@sympatico.ca