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From the Frank Wagner files

what was CFB Chilliwack - today April 2010


From the Will Selig Files

Courtesy of Frank Wagner


Henry Chaplinski Photos (click on picture)

(Received the attached pictures from Jason Carter by e-mail) He wrote: My name is Jason Carter, I am writing to you as I have found several pictures of my Father ( Henry Chaplinski ) service number A102734 who served for the R.C.O.C. in the 40's. Before his passing, I also learned that he was deployed to Normandy Beach on June 7, the day after D-DAY. He drove a BMW motorcycle for his regiment and was also an accomplished acrobat. Thank you so much for the opportunity to finally make these pictures public. I also have pics of my Father and company practicing acrobats at Kennedy High School in Windsor Ontario I believe, do you know anything about this? Any info would be appreciated, or maybe when you post them we will get some feedback, I would like to know all that I can, I have been searching war archives and can not find much info on which regiment he was in, what exactly was there roll in WW2 and so on.

To sum up the photos and to give you any help in identifying them, most were taken in Barriefield Manitoba and I noticed one is labeled Guilford England. My fathers name was Henry "Hank" "Chip" Chaplinski, service number A102734. Others pictured are Alex Warcter, Conrad Chaplin, and Fierro Ghetti that I know for sure. After the war my father went on to play Lacrosse for Windsor with the accomplished wrestler Fierro Ghetti, I am not sure If Mr.Ghetti served or not but his pic was among the war time photos. I am eager to know more about this period and will keep in touch.

Picture above received from Mike Roache taken in Montreal, March  1957  (RCOC Basic Trg)

These Pictures were forwarded by Frank Wagner. A look at the Chilliwack Monthly RCOC get-to-gether, at one of the local coffee imporiums.

Attendees - in no specific order: George Cooper, Leroy George, Bill McIntyre, Don Matula, Sandy Ryall, Paddy Ryan, Russ Watson, Will Selig and of course Frank Wagner (the photographer)       


Pictures Compliments of Bill Owens (click on picture)


Contributed by Doug Braun

This Photo was sent in by Doug Braun who tells me it was found at the

Museum in Pettawa. Nice find Doug!


(click on photo)

October 2006 - Frank Wagner's pictures of Soest and Werl Germany, home to many RCOC units in it's day.   

 (more then 35 years after the move to southern Germany)


"PAC Region" gone but not forgotten. (2006)

The "Chilliwack Crew" still gets together. L to R: George Cooper, Jacque Hardy, Frank Wagner, Don Matula and Mac Green



 RCOC Assn Reunion 2009




RCOC Assn Reunion 2008  


RCOC Assn and Apprentice Reunion 2007



Western Reunion 2006



Pacific Region Reunion 2005 

   "The Final Farewell" 


Western Region Reunion 2004 Photos




Millennium Reunion 

Victoria 2000

Sunday Brunch

Victoria, BC



28 COD


This is all that's left - RIP